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Fabzat creates in-app custom merchandising
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FabZat Developer Newsletter #4


30 Sep FabZat Developer Newsletter #4

Dear FabZat Friends,
First things first, the whole FabZat team wants thank YOU for making 2014 a stunning year that saw the launch of 16 new apps and games, and more than 10 000 objects delivered!

We begin this year by wishing you an even greater 2015 and by announcing seriously cool products and partners, and it’s just the beginning!

Web store with phone cases, mugs, t-shirts, posters…

We are thrilled to announce both the availability of our shop mixing 3D printed objets and classic objects and a partnership with one of the leading online games, Ragnarok Online. All of it immediately available here: store.fabzat.com/ragnarok-online and soon within the game.

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At general demand, you can now generate coupons to distribute to influencers, contest winners or friends!
The value and amount are chosen by you. A new section is available in your backoffice. Just drop a line to developer@fabzat.com if you want to begin offering cool goodies.

64-bit & natural rendering & speed boost

As you may be aware of, Apple won’t be accepting any non 64bit-compiled app starting next monday.

We are happy to announce that the iOS FabZat plugin (2.5 & above) now comes with a completely new 3D rendering engine, now 64bit compatible and with cool new features such as natural sandstone rendering, 20 to 30% speed increase and many under-the-hood improvements.

New apps & partners

  • Discover Mr Potatoe & Miss iPad’s natural son, Potatoyz! A cool app for kids that happily melts physical & digital toys! www.potatoys.com and a great customization of FabZat’s plugin 😉
  • Now you can effortlessly transform any picture into a cool and original 3D printed object with Plastic image.
And don’t forget to craft your avatar with minetoys or create a trendy bloxed version of your friends & family with Leblox!

As always, your features suggestions are welcome even if we already have an amazing roadmap ahead of us! Feel free to contact us at developer@fabzat.com.

The FabZat Team.

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