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Fabzat creates in-app custom merchandising
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FABZAT in Tekken Card Tournament


07 Oct FABZAT in Tekken Card Tournament

Starting in August 2015, FabZat became the exclusive provider of on-demand printing for players to get Tekken Card Tournament trading card packs.

Millions of players of the globally successful free-to-play Namco game on iOS and Android can collect over 190 physical, rare trading game cards with new Tekken characters that may be used to win online battles.

Tekken Card Tournament game cards bring real-world crossover to the gameplay through unique QR codes letting players add cards digitally in-game. Additionally, players can take photos with their smartphone and a 3D model of a Tekken character will join in the game through augmented reality.

Thanks to the embedded shop, FabZat supplies global fans with booster and trading card packs on iOS and Android.

The Japanese giant, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe, is delighted by this new partnership and FabZat’s in-app solution. The service provides a simple, streamlined purchase path. The trading packs are offered in three packages, with a package of 6, 12, and 36 cards for respectively 7, 99 €, 14, 99€ and 37, 99€.

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