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Fabzat creates in-app custom merchandising
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FabZat’s Phygitoys SDK Now Available for Game Developers


04 Nov FabZat’s Phygitoys SDK Now Available for Game Developers

FabZat releases its “Phygitoys SDK” to mobile developers worldwide and announces key partners: Twinsprite, Tweechi and Minetoys.

The Phygitoys SDK enables developers to create mobile digital games that synchronize with 3D printed figures through near field communication (NFC) signals or QR code technology. Smart toys, also called “phygital” (physical-digital) toys, are the new frontier of gaming.

FabZat announces partnerships with Twinsprite, the most complete service to manage players’ figures data online, Tweechi, from Fuzzy Face Studios, a Twitter powered virtual pet and Minetoys, leading Minecraft toys provider.

The SDK provides:

– Detection of both the NFC signal and QR code, and matching players with accounts and previous purchases

– Management for each figure ID across orders, players, partners and games

– Authentication and security for fraud prevention of each figure

– Backend administrative management of IP, product SKUs and pricing

– Evolution of each character and figure in real-time (XP, scores, currency, etc.)

– Notifications for in-game features unlock, such as levels and rewards

FabZat’s on-demand, high quality 3D printing and production plugin is fully integrated with the Phygitoys SDK to provide full-service manufacturing, billing and shipping – thus, further minimizing the cost and time for developers.

Additionally, FabZat will be taking meetings to showcase demonstrations of the new Phygitoys SDK at the Games Week in Paris, October 28th & 29th.

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